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Workshop Recordings: Enhancing the Policing and Integrated Responses to Domestic and Sexual Violence

Workshop Recordings from the Enhancing the Policing and Integrated Responses to #DV & SV are now available: Welcome by Shannon Fentiman MP. Listen to the voices survivors, experts, domestic and sexual violence leaders and #QPS here.

DomesticViolence, Law Enforcement

Kathleen Turley & Amie Carrington from DVAC talk about Domestic Violence co-responder models with Qld Police

Police are increasingly becoming aware that responding to family violence is not something they can handle alone and recognise the importance of partnering with the DFV sector. In this presentation Kathleen Turly talks about the challenges and the benefits of this co-location with Queensland Police Service (QPS) in Toowoomba, and Amie Carrington discusses a 2022 newer initiative of having a QPS officer embedded within DVAC at Ipswitch.