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DomesticViolence, Police Culture, QPS Reforms

Rotten to the Core: Should Qld’s First Female Commissioner take the wrap for the culture of sexism, racism and misogyny in Qld Police?

Opinion Piece In November last year, the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Qld Police Service (QPS) found ‘ample evidence’ that cultural issues of racism, sexism and misogyny adversely impacted on how the QPS respond to DFV. The report made 78 Recommendations to address these systemic problems including: strengthening integrated responses to domestic family …

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Workshop Recordings: Enhancing the Policing and Integrated Responses to Domestic and Sexual Violence

Workshop Recordings from the Enhancing the Policing and Integrated Responses to #DV & SV are now available: Welcome by Shannon Fentiman MP. Listen to the voices survivors, experts, domestic and sexual violence leaders and #QPS here.

DomesticViolence, Integrated Service Delivery, Peggy's Place

Fiona Worrall, NGO & Philanthropic Innovations in supporting survivors of Gender Violence

Peggy’s Place aspires to offer survivors much more than a trauma responsive place of safety, but also a space to transform and rebuild the lives of those impacted by DFV. Peggy’s Place will wrap a range of supports around survivors and their children through an integrated service response employing counsellors and case workers for both children and women.

DomesticViolence, Law Enforcement, Women in Policing

Specialist Police Stations enhance the policing response to survivors of sexual and domestic violence, finds an international research team

An international research team, funded by the Australian Research Council, led by A/Professor Kerry Carrington, spoke to the workshop about Enhancing the Policing and Integrated Responses to #DV and #SV. They explained that specialist police stations that emerged in Argentina in 1988 responded only to victims/survivors of sexual and or domestic violence and work in …

DomesticViolence, Law Enforcement

Kathleen Turley & Amie Carrington from DVAC talk about Domestic Violence co-responder models with Qld Police

Police are increasingly becoming aware that responding to family violence is not something they can handle alone and recognise the importance of partnering with the DFV sector. In this presentation Kathleen Turly talks about the challenges and the benefits of this co-location with Queensland Police Service (QPS) in Toowoomba, and Amie Carrington discusses a 2022 newer initiative of having a QPS officer embedded within DVAC at Ipswitch.

Sexual Violence

Angela Lynch, CEO Sexual Assault Services Qld, talks about Enhancing the Policing Response to survivors of Sexual Violence

Angela Lynch spoke about what change survivors want to see. They want to be heard, believed and treated by professionals with trauma informed practices. They want access to counselling, advocacy and financial support.

The legal system rarely provides any of these basic rights to the victim/survivors of SV. For those who do choose to go through the legal process, it is gruelling, re-traumatising, puts the victim and not the alleged offender on trial, as in the case of Brittney Higgens splashed all over the newspaper in recent times. This MUST change.

DomesticViolence, Gender Responsive Policing, Law Enforcement, Police Culture, Women in Policing

Mirko Fernandez from United Nations Women talks about Gender Responsive Policing

Mirko Fernandez

Mirko Fernandez from United Nations Women, Geneva, zoomed in live to address the workshop on 21 October 2022 at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He spoke about The Handbook of Gender Responsive Police Service published in 2021 in collaboration with UNODC and the IAWP. The Handbook was developed by police for police to provide them with a practical guide to implementing gender responsive policing and putting in place accountability measures to track progress toward goals.