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Improving the Policing of Gender Violence in the Global South: Masters research scholarship opportunity
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Improving the Policing of Gender Violence in the Global South: Masters research scholarship opportunity

Improving the Policing of Gender Violence in the Global South.

 ARC DP DP210100546 $198,437 funded till 31/12/2025

An international research team is seeking applications from suitably qualified students, of Pacific Islander Background to apply for a fully funded Higher Degree Scholarship.

Stipend of $33 446.56 Australian dollars per annum for full time candidature for the Master by Research of 1.5 years.

Field work allowance of $10 000 to assist with travel and accommodation.

Overseas student health care coverage

International student fees $29,400 pa will be waived for the successful HDR Masters student.

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About the Project

The project will investigate how to improve the policing of gender violence in the complex cultural and practical contexts of Fiji and Vanuatu. It aims to identify local innovations and explore whether/how they might be scalable across Pacific Island communities.

This project adopts a mixed methods approach using semi-structured interviews and with 100 women police, and relevant others involved in policing and responding to gender violence (50 per country). The data will then be synthesised into case studies of innovation in the policing of gender violence, that are scalable to other contexts.

A survey of key stakeholders will gauge the prospect for transferring these innovations across Pacific Island Countries, and like contexts such as Pacific Islander communities in Australia. Expected outcomes include new evidence of better ways to police gender violence, reform laws and transformation of policing practices that sustain gender violence.

This ARC Project is a follow up study of a previous ARC DP Preventing Gender Violence: Lessons from the Global South.

Both projects are led by A/Prof Kerry Carrington, School of Law and Society, USC

About the Research Team

Professor Kerry Carrington, the Chief Investigator of this ARC project, has three decades of experience in conducting cross-cultural research projects on a national and international scale. She is an expert in policing and prevention of gender violence, and currently an adjunct professor attached to the School of Law and Society, University of the Sunshine Coast.

Dr Melissa Jardine, the Partner Investigator on this project, has over 20 years’ experience in policing, security and law enforcement research, policy analysis, reform activities, advocacy and capacity building. Her projects have had an explicit focus on gender and policing, mostly in South Asia and the Pacific. She works United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime  (UNODC) Vienna, as a Gender and Human-Rights in Policing Expert, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Unit.

The research project, funded by the Australian Reseach Council is a collaboration between, University of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore, The University of the South Pacific and United Nations Women in Vienna and Suva, overseen by an International Advisory Board.  

The International Advisory Board

Dr Sara Amin School of Law and Social Sciences, University of the South Pacific;

Mirko Fernandez, Project Lead of Gender Responsive Policing, UN Women, Geneva;

Caroline Meenah UN Women, Geneva

Sonia Rastogi, UN Women, Fiji

Professor Miranda Forsyth, RegNet, ANU


The team is looking for prospective HDR students of Pacific Island background, preferably from or with cultural links to Fiji to apply for a scholarship funded by the ARC project. To find out more contact: [email protected]


Photo curtesy of Pacific Women in Law Enforcement.

VIDEO: Pacific Women in Law Enforcement Gather for 2 Day Conference: “Pacific Police Women Promoting Change” – PNC News First (

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