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Sexual Violence

Angela Lynch, CEO Sexual Assault Services Qld, talks about Enhancing the Policing Response to survivors of Sexual Violence

Angela Lynch spoke about what change survivors want to see. They want to be heard, believed and treated by professionals with trauma informed practices. They want access to counselling, advocacy and financial support.

The legal system rarely provides any of these basic rights to the victim/survivors of SV. For those who do choose to go through the legal process, it is gruelling, re-traumatising, puts the victim and not the alleged offender on trial, as in the case of Brittney Higgens splashed all over the newspaper in recent times. This MUST change.

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Breaking traditional police responses to domestic and sexual violence: What can be learnt from Argentina’s unique model?

Specialist DFV Police Station

By Alicia Gutierrez Brown A first-world country with a disgraceful domestic and family violence problem. A developing Latin American nation with a unique model for policing it. And, a world-first study by a multi-national team of university researchers, asking the question:   Can Argentina‚Äôs female-led police stations teach Australia and the western world how to better …

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Changing Police Culture is Vital to Improving the Experiences of Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

It’s time to change police culture to improve experiences for survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence, and prevent violence escalating into lethal risk. Dorren Langham could still be alive if Qld had specialist police stations designed to receive victims/survivors of domestic violence, writes Kerry Carrington. Here’s how they work. Policing Gender Violence in the 21st Century …