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Meet Helen Singh, Master Student on our ARC Project To Enhance Policing of Gender Violence
Gender Responsive Policing, Pacific Islands

Meet Helen Singh, Master Student on our ARC Project To Enhance Policing of Gender Violence

Helen Singh is the successful candidate for Master Scholarship funded by the ARC DP team working on a project: Improving the Policing of Gender Violence in the Global South.

The Australian Research Council funded project will investigate how to improve the policing of gender violence in the complex cultural and practical contexts of Fiji and Vanuatu. It aims to identify local innovations and explore whether/how they might be scalable across Pacific Island communities.

Helen a graduate in social science with an average of High Distinction at the University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji, undertook research on emotional gender violence. She is an ideal fit for the project. The research team are delighted to have her on board the project. You can read her inspiring story of loss and resilience below.

Kind Regards

Professor Kerry Carrington and Dr Melissa Jardine, Chief Investigators.

“Bula everyone.
My name is Helen Margaret Singh.
I hail from the beautiful island of Fiji and was born into a mixed race family where my father is
Indo-Fijian and mother Itaukei.
I attended Rambisessar Chaudhary Memorial Primary School and Adi Cakobau School, a
prestigious all-girls’ school in Sawani, Naitasiri.
I love reading, writing journals, crafting, socializing, exercising, listening to music and most
importantly, being a mum.
Whilst growing up, I lost my mother to pneumonia when I was 3, my sister when I was 8 and my
father to prostate cancer when I was 15. As you can imagine, I had a very traumatizing and
difficult life as a child trying to navigate life without my parents’ guidance, but faith, hard work
and my late father’s wish for me to become successful kept me going.
As a child, I always dedicated most of my time to my academic work and had big dreams to be
remembered as a hardworking and successful person in what I do. I always tell myself to strive
for greatness regardless of the trauma, the heartbreaks, and the problems life throws at me.
In 2018, I joined The University of the South Pacific, completed my Foundation of Arts
program, moved on to pursuing a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology, and
graduated in March 2023.
I pursued this majors because I wanted to understand life, society and why they are the way
they are. Mental Health was huge for me; I was deeply interested in understanding mental
health problems and what to do about it, because when I was a child no one helped me or
understood my traumas. With the knowledge gained and personal experiences, I aspire to help,
to listen, to understand people and if possible, ensure they are rightfully provided for with the
help they require.
Through faith, hard work and perseverance, I am indeed fortunate to pursue my Masters and
be part of Kerry Carrington’s research team, and hope to achieve the best outcomes from this

Helen Singh, Masters Student, University of the Sunshine Coast

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I’m a research consultant expert in preventing & policing gender family violence with 3 decades experience.

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