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Co-Responder Models, DomesticViolence, Gender Responsive Policing, Integrated Service Delivery, Peggy's Place, Police Culture, QPS Reforms, Specialist DFV Police Stations, Survivors Voices

Workshop Recordings: Enhancing the Policing and Integrated Responses to Domestic and Sexual Violence

Workshop Recordings from the Enhancing the Policing and Integrated Responses to #DV & SV are now available: Welcome by Shannon Fentiman MP. Listen to the voices survivors, experts, domestic and sexual violence leaders and #QPS here.

DomesticViolence, Integrated Service Delivery, Peggy's Place

Fiona Worrall, NGO & Philanthropic Innovations in supporting survivors of Gender Violence

Peggy’s Place aspires to offer survivors much more than a trauma responsive place of safety, but also a space to transform and rebuild the lives of those impacted by DFV. Peggy’s Place will wrap a range of supports around survivors and their children through an integrated service response employing counsellors and case workers for both children and women.