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Women’s Police Stations: innovations from the Global South Presentation 11   March   2022 A collaboration between Embassies of Brazil & Australia

Comisaria de la mujer

Date of webinars: 27 April, 11 and 27 May, 10 June and 1st July/2022
Time: 7am to 9am AEST
Place: Zoom App – click here to access
Speakers: Brazilian and Australian experts
Registration: click here to enroll

With simultaneous translation Portuguese/English
PROGRAM | 10 June/2022 Seminar
Women’s Police Stations and police interventions: innovations from the Global South

Speakers: Kerry Carrington (University of the Sunshine Coast),

Maria Puyol (QUT),

Camilla Magalhães Gomes (UFRJ),

Leila Linhares Barsted (CEPIA),

Samira Bueno (FBSP) Souza (NJM/TJDFT),

Ana Paula Antunes Martins (NEPeM/UnB).
Coordination: Adriana Ramos de Mello (ENFAM)

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