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Professor Alice Payne

Dean School of Fashion & Textiles, RMIT

“Kerry gave me invaluable advice and support when I was planning a pivotal career move. She approached our mentoring discussions with empathy, compassion, and a clear-eyed realism – she will tell you straight – and I’m enormously grateful to her.”

Professor Nicola Henry

2021 ARC Future Fellow Design and Social Context RMIT

“It’s hard to put in words how wonderful Kerry is as a coach and mentor. My coaching sessions with Kerry marked a significant turning point in my academic career. Through her enthusiastic support and advice, I was able to reimagine myself, set lifetime goals, and learn to cherish my own unique pathway in academia. I learned how to stick up for myself more and to be true to myself and others. I have been able to pass on Kerry’s wisdom to the early career academics I am now mentoring. I love Kerry’s approach – she’s caring, honest, friendly, down-to-earth and practical. You feel listened to and respected, and she inspires you to be your best self – helping you to pursue your own unique journey.”  

Professor Therese Keane

Associate Dean Research & Industry Engagement School of Education, La Trobe University

“Kerry’s greatest strength is her self-assured confidence which enabled me to put my trust in her to assist with my career development. She challenged my thinking and assisted to set high level and achievable goals to take my career to the next level. Through a structured process, which required considerable self-scrutinising of my priorities, goals and ambitions, Kerry assisted me to explore realistic options to create an achievable 5-year career plan which has been outstanding. I have executed the plan we devised and followed it carefully…I am where I thought I would like to be in 5 years!”

Dr Maria Puyol, Post-Doctoral Fellow,

Universidad Nacional de Litorel, Argentina

“Kerry is an enormous source of inspiration for me. She championed me patiently during my PhD journey. She very generously helped me pave my way through an academic career. Graduating as a Doctor and granting a Postdoctoral scholarship after that wouldn’t have been possible without her support. Her mentoring made me believe in myself, acknowledging I could write a doctoral thesis or present my research findings clearly and precisely in a second language. She never hesitated in affirming my capabilities and aided me in gaining confidence. I will always be grateful to Kerry!”

Associate Professor Nichole Georgeou, Associate Dean International, School of Social Sciences, Western Sydney University

“I am incredibly grateful for the mentorship provided by Kerry Carrington. Her ability to see me as a whole person, and her knowledge of the tertiary sector have been instrumental in helping me navigate my work responsibilities and maintain a clear career trajectory. With Kerry’s assistance, I was able to prioritise tasks effectively and find a balance between my personal and professional life. Her insightful questions and strategic advice empowered me to tackle obstacles head-on and make informed decisions. Kerry’s unwavering belief in my potential and her commitment to my growth were invaluable.”

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