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Breaking traditional police responses to domestic and sexual violence: What can be learnt from Argentina’s unique model?

Specialist DFV Police Station

By Alicia Gutierrez Brown Breaking the tradition ( A first-world country with a disgraceful domestic and family violence problem. A developing Latin American nation with a unique model for policing it. And, a world-first study by a multi-national team of university researchers, asking the question:   Can Argentina’s female-led police stations teach Australia and the western …


Coroner Bentley Finds that Doreen Langham’s killing by ex-partner was preventable if police did their job

In January this year Coroner Bentley gave me access to all the coronial files relating to the murder of Doreen Langham by her ex-partner. I submitted a report and later gave evidence at the Coronial Inquest on 9 March 2022. I concluded, as did the Coroner, that Ms Langham’s experience of the QPS as a …


Should Australian States Trial Specialist Domestic Family Violence Police Stations?

After Coroner Bentley delivered her scathing findings of the police investigations into the murders of Hannah Clarke and her three children, as well as the murder of Doreen Langham by ex partner, she recommended that the State fund and trial specialist domestic violence police stations in Qld. Every party of the inquest into Doreen Langham, …

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Submissions to Inquiry into Culture of Qld Police Service responses to Domestic and Family Violence Open till 24 June 2022

The independent commission of inquiry into Queensland Police Service (QPS) responses to domestic and family violence is open for public submissions only till 24 June 2022. I understand they will consider the submissions previously made to the Women’s Safety and Justice Task force. Don’t let fear of reprisal or persecution stop you from making a …

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Women’s Police Stations: innovations from the Global South Presentation 11   March   2022 A collaboration between Embassies of Brazil & Australia

Date of webinars: 27 April, 11 and 27 May, 10 June and 1st July/2022Time: 7am to 9am AESTPlace: Zoom App – click here to accessSpeakers: Brazilian and Australian expertsRegistration: click here to enroll With simultaneous translation Portuguese/EnglishPROGRAM | 10 June/2022 SeminarWomen’s Police Stations and police interventions: innovations from the Global South Speakers: Kerry Carrington (University …

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Would China Back Women in Policing In the Pacific? Not likely, but Australia could, according to Dr Melissa Jardine

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“China’s pursuit of a Pacific-wide deal with island nations covering policing, security and data communications cooperation leaves the new Labor government in Australia facing a challenge to be the security “partner of choice” in the region. While the full details of these proposed agreements are not yet known, China is unlikely to include programs of work to …

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Evaluation of Embedded #DFV Social Worker #QPS Toowoomba

Overall QPS officers interviewed were impressed with the general benefits of having a well-integrated complementary response to law enforcement to support victims/survivors. By working together, they have a better chance to break the cycle of violence than working alone and the victims/survivors of DFV receive a better quality service that is more comforting and empathetic.

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Changing Police Culture is Vital to Improving the Experiences of Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

It’s time to change police culture to improve experiences for survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence, and prevent violence escalating into lethal risk. Dorren Langham could still be alive if Qld had specialist police stations designed to receive victims/survivors of domestic violence, writes Kerry Carrington. Here’s how they work. Policing Gender Violence in the 21st Century …