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Submissions to Inquiry into Culture of Qld Police Service responses to Domestic and Family Violence Open till 24 June 2022

The independent commission of inquiry into Queensland Police Service (QPS) responses to domestic and family violence is open for public submissions only till 24 June 2022.

I understand they will consider the submissions previously made to the Women’s Safety and Justice Task force.

Don’t let fear of reprisal or persecution stop you from making a confidential submission. The Inquiry needs to hear the truth – especially from insiders, in the police, the courts, the justice system, and #DV sector.

I encourage survivors, police and #DFV workers to come forward and make their own voices heard, even if it has to be confidential. This is a once in a century opportunity. It is as important as the Fitzgerald Inquiry into Police Corruption in 1991.

Let’s make history. Let’s join together with the aim of improving police responses to survivors of domestic family violence.

You can read the terms of reference and make a submission here .

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